home gym equipment

Use it or Lose it

A home gym can be a super way to increase your activity level!

Let’s face it-in our world of hustle and bustle, the more convenient a (non-mandatory) task is, the more likely it is to get done – just saying.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m posting about fitness on a real estate blog…

Simply put, real estate isn’t the only wise investment you can make!

After the age of 20, muscle mass starts to decline at an approximate rate of 10% per decade. Our bodies generally follow the SAID principle, which is Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands.

So what does the SAID principle mean in real life?

It means use it or lose it!

When performed appropriately, a regular program can have a significant, positive impact in 8-12 weeks – at any age!

  • Lean muscle mass burns more calories
  • Everyday activities can be completed using less effort and stress
  • Respiratory capacity improves with your body using oxygen more efficiently
  • Centre of gravity is better maintained, which contributes to decreased balance issues, better posture and a lower risk of falls associated with aging

Many people think that a large space and a large budget are necessary to create a home gym.

Not true! You can create an effective workout space on a relatively small budget, and in a surprisingly small area!

Some of my favorite pieces of equipment are:

The cost of this list of items is around $500, which is cheaper than a treadmill, more engaging than a treadmill, and completely capable of addressing all aspects of physical fitness including muscular strength, endurance, cardio & flexibility! Yeah, we still have a treadmill too…

If you are not familiar with how to use these items safely & correctly, engage the services of a trainer – even if it’s just once or twice to get you started safely.


Follow instructions provided with all equipment.

Talk to your health professional first before starting a new program!

(Information adapted from ACE Essentials of Exercise Science)