Market Update – Sept 2019

We are now officially into the fall season and Mother Nature certainly let us know who was boss with not one, but two snowfalls early in the season. And, pumpkin carving season is coming fast. Have you got your costumes picked out yet?

What has that meant for the market?

Well, for the 3rd consecutive month, total sales activity has improved year-over-year. That is a positive and what many will jump on. What is the driving factor? Prices have continued to be pushed down, giving buyers a great opportunity to jump in, if they were on the sidelines. This is especially real in the condo market.

This is true in many Calgary communities and also surrounding areas of Airdrie, Cochrane and Okotoks.

There are less properties available than a year ago and that means that buyers are have a few less to choose from. As a buyer, if you see a property you like or love, it may be time to make that decision to buy.

If looking to sell, ask about our “Preparing your Home for Sale” guide. It will help lead you through the process with the best success.

Many ask about the fall being a ‘poor’ time to list a home. Well, if the time is right for you, the time is right and therefore waiting doesn’t always make sense. As well, in many communities, just as many homes sell in the fall winter as they do in the other seasons.

If you are wondering about the timing of a sale, make sure you ask us when the seasons to sell are for your community. We can map it out for you and help with your decision!

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