Maybe it was the Last Economic Downturn

Perhaps it was the establishment of the McDonalds, Costcos, Walmarts, and SuperStores.

Somewhere along the line, we have built a culture of cheaper is better.

If you can find a deal then you have done better than the person next to you. And that can be the case if you are buying the exact same product.

Shopping around for a brand name product to get a cheaper price can keep more money in your pocket perhaps.

But when is cheaper not better?

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D-I-Y – Should you really?

D-I-Y: The acronym that is ever so popular today.

Do I even need to break it down?

No, it is so well used that everyone knows what it is. We talk with people every day and often the ‘guilty pleasure’ that many have, is watching HGTV and thevarious home renovation shows. And through the use of editing, producers and editors make it look like these hosts are experts and that DIY is easy.

But D-I-Y isn’t that easy.


So when DO you DIY and look to save money?

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Mi Casa es Su Casa – Open House

The literal translation of this is ‘my house is your house’, a greeting to guests similar to ‘make yourself at home’.

When you are selling a house, this is the exact feeling you want to give to potential buyers-‘make yourself at home’.

When we work with someone to help them sell their home, we talk about creating this feeling and the process of marketing their house.

Of course, one of the major items we discuss is the mystical ‘Open House’.

Some people are all for it and others completely against. But more often than not, the question is: what is the actual benefit?

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All the World’s a Stage Shakespeare

Several times in the recent past, we have been asked if a home should be staged.


The challenge is the popularity of HGTV and the flip/renovation to sell shows that almost always end with a staging of the house scene.

This is followed by an open house (which we discuss in another blog), followed by a full or close to full price offer.

So it begs the question – should a home owner stage their house?

Of course, everyone has a different definition of the term staging so the question is not easily answered.

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Circle of Life

Is it time to think about downsizing – or rightsizing?


The Lion King called it the “Circle of Life”. In essence, we are born. We mature. We grow older. We move on. The same can be said for the homes we live in.

Often we start out renting a small home, eventually we buy a starter home, and later on as our families grow, and we expand into a move up home and plant roots.

Life is set until that day when you realize the kids have moved away and the nest is empty. This final process usually takes many years and time passes more quickly than any of us realize and too slowly, until it is gone.

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Why is my Realtor® always after me about price?

Many people we talk with, discuss real estate services as a commodity. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not all brokers, agents, or affiliated partner services are the same nor equal in their offering. Because of the various options available to buyers and sellers, a number of different business models are available to them. Their specific needs, goals and finances will determine the ‘correct’ service for them.

However, real estate itself is a commodity, albeit one tied to emotional factors because we often put our personal stamp on the property.

Each and every property has a market value.

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