Winterize Your Home

Some of us are all about winter and the many activities it brings: skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, shinny on the outdoor rink.

Others of us are all about “how hot can I get that fireplace going?”

No matter, that leads us up to it being time to check on a few details about our owned properties, to keep them in tip-top shape.

We’ve compiled a list of winterizing tips

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Market Update – July 2019

So far the summer has been a lot more, um well, like summer! The weather has been warm. We’ve had rain showers and thunder storms, but they blow in and then are gone again. And, the smoke from last year has thankfully and knock on wood, not come back.

What does that all mean? A return to the summer things we all like to do, whether that is camping, hiking, sitting around the fire or even doing 5k obstacle runs (although a word of advice – make sure you clear the obstacle…)

But, what about that real estate market?

Can a market be good and bad at the same time? I think yes.

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Radon and Real Estate

You’ve likely seen something in the news over the last year or so about radon gas. Or maybe you’ve been aware of it for longer but not really sure what it is and how it could affect you. Maybe you haven’t heard of it at all yet.

Awareness and knowledge of radon is at varying stages for people.
But the push is on to make more people aware of it.

A lot more people.

Why? Because it’s a pretty big deal – especially for those people that are affected by it in the abode they live in.

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Don’t be House Poor

“Honey, the bank thinks we’re rich!

They just approved our mortgage for how much???”

I remember a situation from many years ago when one of my (then) employees decided to dive into home ownership and buy her first house. A few days later, she came into my office walking on air, to tell me that she had just been pre-approved for a $500,000 mortgage. She then went on to describe how she was able to go look at far larger homes than she had originally thought she would be able to, for her first one. Additionally, her bank was giving her a screaming good interest rate for 3-year term.


She was so excited, but I was worried.
At the time, she was one of my most successful employees and deserved a nice home.

But I also knew how much she netted on her pay.

And, I knew that maxing out her potential pre approval was risky!

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home gym equipment

Use it or Lose it

A home gym can be a super way to increase your activity level!

Let’s face it-in our world of hustle and bustle, the more convenient a (non-mandatory) task is, the more likely it is to get done – just saying.

Some of you may be wondering why I’m posting about fitness on a real estate blog…

Simply put, real estate isn’t the only wise investment you can make!

After the age of 20, muscle mass starts to decline at an approximate rate of 10% per decade. Our bodies generally follow the SAID principle, which is Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands.

So what does the SAID principle mean in real life?

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A Seller’s Competition

“It IS a competition!”

Seller’s viewpoint

The hoped for words to a lot of sellers. Why is that?

Because competition might bring a higher than originally anticipated price.


But in actuality, sellers too, suddenly feel stress when faced with a competitive situation. What they hoped for when they first discussed selling their property, has now come to pass and they have to choose an offer to work with. What if they choose the wrong one? What if these are the only offers that will ever come in and it doesn’t come together? We’ve sat in the living room with sellers and witnessed spouses fighting over offers, trying to decide on which will be the primary offer.

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